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Greenspeak is a meeting where green issues are discussed. This includes everything from consumer to spiritual issues. Invited speakers lead the discussion. Greenspeak is also a social event, and great opportunity to encourage your friends to join.  Meetings are Free, Smoke-Free and at Terraces above the Sea-Life Centre.

Greenspeak is still resting after the May elections...
Greenspeak hopes to return to its monthly
schedule this Autumn - assistance welcome (Special thank you goes out to Faraway Furniture for their donation of a garden furniture set).
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venue - Terraces bar

next meeting

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Future meetings:           

'watch this space!).

Previous meetings

Jan 05 th 2011
'Green Roofs - Imagine how your city would look like with plant life on each roof instead of tiles'

Aug 15 th 2009
'The Eco Friendly garden - define'

April 6 th 2008
'Green Furniture - can teak be eco friendly?'

October 19 th 2007
'Garden Furniture otions for the council'

April 11 th 2006
'Incineration - what are the options?'

May 9th 2006 Sustainable Buildings That Support Communities
June 13th 2006 'Economics After Climate Change and Peak Oil'
July 4th 2006
Spade to Spoon: localising our food system

September 12th 2006
Housing we can afford

October 10th 2006
FSC and what it means to garden furniture in brighton
November 14th 2006
Alternatives to plastic furniture

December 4th 2006 A low carbon Christmas
January  9th 2007
The Future of Education

April 17th 2007
Fuelling a Food Crisis - the impact of 'Peak Oil' on food security

Greenspeak is organised by Martin Grimshaw  Email:

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